Never Fear StudioS
Heath Vinyard -- Director/DP/Editor/Filmmaker

Welcome To Never Fear StudioS

We are an independent production company located in Orange County, CA with a specialization in generating intense and cinematic films, compelling and first rate music videos, as well as commercials that visually stimulate. Never Fear Studios has been involved in various projects, each with amazing results and accolades. From amazing cinematic features and short films, to dazzling webseries, impactful commercial and corporate spots, and pulse-pounding music videos. We have a concept and creative spin on all of your film and video needs.

Never Fear Studios started as a dream by Heath Vinyard, to create and showcase a love of film and the process of filmmaking with cinematic and cutting edge visuals for all budgets. Crafting a set of skills in all areas of the film, video, and commercial process, Heath felt that amazing results could be achieved without costing an outrageous amount and breaking the budget. Believing that anything is possible and we are the “dreamers of dreams”, Heath did not let anything stop him in his attempt to tell first rate stories, and not limiting the experience based on the budget.

Have a concept? Have a dream that you want to achieve? Contact us! We're here to help you reach your goals, follow your dreams, and produce a first rate product that will amaze your viewers and captivate your target audience.


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